There are three great opportunities each week for students to grow deeper in their journey with Christ. On Sunday mornings Sunday School meets at 8:45 for a close look at what we can learn directly from the Scriptures and how we can apply it to everyday life. Wednesday nights at 6:00, Huffman Youth meet for discussion on topics students are dealing with today and what the Scriptures say, or don’t say, about them. Throughout the year there are special events, mission projects, all sorts of things that remind us how to live our love for God each day, in everything we do and everyone we encounter. For more information contact Andy Rickles at

Mission Trips

2017, Daytona Beach, FL with YouthWorks!

2022, Birmingham, AL with YouthWorks!

2023, Charleston, WV with YouthWorks!

This Summer, July 9-14, our Youth worked with the local Boys & Girls Club, Union Mission, & organizations serving those in recovery and/or experiencing homelessness. They also supported Children's programming via a local Church and preschool. 

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