Groups are a great way to get to know others and to grow in their faith.  

Contact the church office for more information and contact people for the following groups : 

Choir, Handbells, United Methodist Women, Men’s Fellowship, Sunday School Classes, and many others!

  • Finding Our Way Forward

    Wednesdays October 10th, 24th & November 7th

    4pm & 6:15pm in the Parlor

  • Wednesday Night Dinner

    Wednesdays in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 5pm

    Adults: $6


    Family Max: $18

Wednesdays in February

The Psalms have been a part of faith and worship since Old Testament times.  Sometimes prayers, sometimes liturgy, always expressing deep faith and emotion, the Psalms continue to speak to us.  They resonate with our experience and help us to give voice to our feelings, hopes and fears.  They remind us of the strength and the tender compassion of God. 

Session 1     Psalm 23        The Lord is my Shepherd

Session 2     Psalm 22        My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Session 3     Psalm 1          Two Ways of Life

Session 4     Psalm 104      See What the Lord Has Done

Session 1 Reading

Session 2 Reading

Session 3 Reading

Session 4 Reading