We believe that glorifying God through worship, service and Christian fellowship are the essential elements of the Christian life. Huffman offers a variety of ways to help you best give glory to God’s presence in your life. Check out our other missions pages to see all of the ways that we are not only making a difference hands-on in our community and beyond, but helping support others in their missions.

Huffman UMC also serves as a gathering place in the community for events such as our Halloween Carnival, Easter Egg Hunt, and a Car Wash!

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Lenten Mission Project



Did you know that Birmingham City School, Huffman Middle is HUMC’s neighbor, and a private Christian High School, Banks Academy is also our neighbor? Now, do you think that it could be part of God’s plan that HUMC is in such close proximity to these two schools? Could this be one answer to our ‘age-old’ question of “Why are we still here at the corners of Gene Reed and Huffman Roads”? Well, we believe so!


Do you see Jesus reaching His hands out from HUMC to each of these schools? What a

beautiful vision. Once again HUMC can be His hands, feet, and heart. How? We’ve found out from these schools they have some needs that HUMC can help out with. So for our Lenten Mission Project this year we are asking for donations for each of these schools.

Huffman Middle School has started an after-school tutoring program and they are asking for snacks for those hungry students.


The students at Banks Academy need books and games for their Book and Game Room. These requests include Financial Literacy Boot Camp for Teens and Young Adults, Career Planning for Teens, and Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles, Real Estate 100, Battleship Classic Board Game, Jenga….

complete list can be accessed on  Amazon.com.


So how can YOU help out these schools? Well for our Huffman Middle students just bring

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED snacks to the Welcome Center or make a monetary donation to the church-noted Mission Lenten Project. Any variety, sweet, salty, snack cakes, chips, popcorn, crackers, whatever suits your ‘fancy’. To help out the students at Banks Academy with resources for their Reading and Game Room you can make a monetary donation to the church-noted Mission Lenten Project.


We are EXCITED about this wonderful opportunity God has given us.

As always your support is so very much appreciated!


Embracing our Community through the Transformative Love of Christ


Your HUMC Lenten Mission Project Team