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Do you know that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and our current economic

situation, over 54 MILLION people in the US today are still hungry or food insecure?

Yet in this country, we will throw away over 133 MILLION pounds of good food in 2022!

As people of faith, it is time for us to take action and do something about it.

The Society of St. Andrew brings people together to harvest and share healthy food,

reduce food waste and build caring communities while offering nourishment to hungry neighbors.

HUMC supports the Society of St. Andrew with your donations given to Change the

World. Our donation jar is located in the narthex. Simply drop any loose change you may have in the jar to help SoSA continue to glean fields and distribute that food to those who are hungry.

Locally FeedBHM is a ministry of the Grace Klein Community that mobilizes volunteers in Birmingham, AL, who are dedicated to ending hunger by rescuing food from local restaurants, grocers, and cafes and ending food waste. This food is given to those who are experiencing food insecurity in Birmingham.

GKC is now in its 13th year of providing support through food rescue,

re-purposing, and sharing to support food-insecure families in the Birmingham area. 

In 2021, they rescued over 1 million pounds of food.

This rescued food would have been taken to landfills, but instead was put in the hands of over 40,000 families in our community who need food assistance via 120+ partners and 6+ drive-thrus food pantries.

GKC’s vision is to eliminate hunger and food waste in Birmingham by 2020! Just ask our youth about Grace Klien they volunteered at the community as part of their outreach with

YouthWorks this summer.

Magic City Harvest is another Birmingham food rescue ministry. Since

1995 MCH has worked to alleviate food insecurity, malnutrition, and food waste through the free distribution of donated excess food to programs feeding those in need.

MCH works to educate the community on hunger issues, encourage advocacy regarding hunger, and creates/supports collaborative partnerships focused on these issues.

The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama’s mission is to feed people in need today and foster collaborative solutions to end hunger tomorrow.

CFB operates as a food distribution center. They purchase food from industry resources and also receive surplus food reclaimed from local grocers. They also welcome food donations and monetary donations from the community. In turn, they distribute their food to over 260 non

profits in the community who act as their agency partners. HUMC is blessed to be a CFB agency partner These partners in turn distribute the food to those in need, free of charge.

These are just 3 ministries of many in our area that are ‘HUNGER IN

ACTION’! Please keep these agencies in your prayers and they always welcome your monetary support.

Our latest community hunger statistics: 

Jefferson County: 94, 369 people are HUNGRY and 18, 873 are children.

Data-2022   https://alabamapossible.org/


To learn more about the ministries we work with please visit the links below:

     https://endhunger.org/alabama/                              https://gracekleincommunity.com/